April 24, 2006

KANGAL THERMAL SPRINGS / Kangal – Sivas – Turkey

Kangal springs, famous and unique in the world is famous for curing the disease world psoriasis. The springs were generally used as a resort place and are at the disposal of patients suffering from this disease. Kangal Fish Springs is of a particular place amongst the other thermal baths found with in our country.

The miraculous way of treatment by the fish which are in the thermal waters 36-37°C increases its fame, since this thermal is the last sort of hope for skin diseases which up-to-date science of medicine can not cure today. Skin diseases such as acne, eczema and psoriasis are cured by Cyprinion macrostomus (fish) 2-10 cm in length and by Garra rufa.

Doctor Fishes : The water, with a pH of about 7.2, is isothermal and maintains a temperature of about 35°C throughout the year. It has features which make it drinkable. The presence of selenium (1.3 ppm) has been emphasized for its biological and therapeutic aspects.

Two types of fish are involved. Both are members of the Cyprinidae family and are adapted to living in a hot milieu. The so-called striker is Cyprinion macrostomus macrostomus. It has a terminal mouth and a length of 15 to 20 cm. It is covered with relatively large scales, and has six to eight irregularly arranged lateral spots of various sizes.

The second fish, known locally as a licker, is Garra rufa obtusa. It has a crescent-shaped ventral mouth and a maximum length of 19 cm. Its body is also converted with large scales. The so-called jabbers are not a third type of fish but the immature from of the strikers, which lose their lateral spots during maturation.

Both fish are omnivorous, a well-known feature of Cyprinidae, and feed on phytoplankton and zooplankton. But only small amounts of plankton have been found in the pools. This is said to retard the growth and development of the fish, making them aggressive and predatory. In winter when the pools are uncrowded the fish look for food like a flock of hungry sheep. In summer, they assault the human bodies in the pools. They prefer to attack diseased rather then healthy skin simply because it is easier to nibble at it.

Cure : Those having treatment in the thermal baths for the first time will be surprised when they notice that the brown, grey and beige coloured fish surround them and begin to clear up the spots on the skin. For patients to be fully accustomed in takes 2-3 days. The fish actually nibble on the area of skin affected and might cause little pain at first, but then this feeling subsides. For the best results it is recommended that patients spend a total of 8 hours a day in these pools. It is also necessary to drink plenty of thermal spring water on an empty stomach ( daily 1,5 lt ). This type of treatment has no side effects and medication should not be taken during treatment.

This thermal water does not only help in the treatment of psoriasis, but also most types of skin diseases. Thermal water is 36-37°C and is equal to the human body temperature. It is clear and odourless, leaving no sediment.

Minerals : It is rich in such ions as calcium, magnesium, selenium and is suitable for the bath. It provides conclusive result in the cure of rheumatism, nervous disorders, dislocations, fracture, calcification in some situations and kidney diseases, especially in ulcer provided the patients should drink a few glasses of water on an empty stomach and do have a bath.

Thermal Fish Springs / Kangal – Sivas – Turkey

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April 24, 2006

– It decreases the blood fatting
– It makes diabetes lower in blood
– It treats the stomach and intestine  s chronic inflammation, It cures the parts with ulcer and post complaints, It treats the disorder of the digestive system related to the diseases of pancreas, gall bladder and liver.
– It helps constipation and Obesity
– It works well for gall bladder and kidney calculus.

Its mechanism : It helps stomach, pancreas, gall bladder, liver and the secretion of digestion, keeps the stomach acid neutral, keeps lower of the inflammatory process in the digestion system, increases the movements of stomach, intestine and gall bladder, the circulation of the cardiovascular system, gall bladder and kidney, and decreases the absorption of the items occurred from the excessive Calcium.


Intestine Laziness : Seven-day cure quickens the metabolism, treats the gall bladder laziness increases the secretion which cures the intestine laziness permanently. Two glasses of mineral water in the morning and before bedtime relaxes the nerve system and the whole metabolism. Those who do their work by sitting which causes constipation should drink mineral water day and night instead of other kinds of water that is easy and healthy solution / treatment.

Kidneys : The most known property of our mineral water for centuries is that it helps taking out the kidney stone (calculus). The mineral such as Magnesium, Calcium and sulfate melts the calculus in the kidney and excretion ways and prevent the occurrence calculus. It also takes out the inflammation in the excretion ways. It helps regulating the kidney functions. For this, three-day cure is advised.

Chronic Lumbago And Herniated Disk : Using mineral water in the bath tubes and pools, lowering the ache-part, pressure which causes ache becomes less and the small of the back movement becomes more functional with the pool exercises.

Healthy Bone Development Of Children : Mineral water effects positively on the intensive bone mineral including magnesium and also calcium (221 mg/lt) and makes it much stronger.

Liver And Gall Bladder Diseases : Mineral water helps gall bladder laziness, the treatment of indigestions after the gall bladder operations, but it is not advised to go to a spa when people have cirrhosis and infectious hepatitis that it increases the bleeding. Mineral water is very useful to decrease cholesterol, lipid. Seven-day cure, at least, is recommended for continuous intestine laziness and gall bladder. Twenty one-day cure is advised for liver disorder and fatting and blood metabolism.

Rheumatism : Bath cure supports rheumatism and especially after the high temperature period. Joint aches lower, temperature and pulse rate normalizes, lassitude and lack of appetite end. Mineral water helps rheumatism arthritis particularly. Besides, it is useful to decrease the joint problems caused with operations. Fifteen or twenty one-day cures are advised according to the type of rheumatism.

Diabetes : Mineral Water of Tuzla Drinkings regulates pancreas, helps taking out the toxin and parasites which halt the function of pancreas, supports the insulin of pancreas and other functions. Mineral waters decreases the diabetes and accelerates the diabetes into the tissues. It lowers the speed of receiving diabetes by heart from liver, so it compensates the diabetes of body. Twenty one-day cure is advised.

Cardiovascular Diseases : It is explained in all encyclopedia that magnesium has positive effects on cardiovascular system. There is a lot of magnesium in our mineral water and dissolution and elimination of blood fat and also dissolving the clot have been taken from scientific sources. Hot mineral water normalizes the blood pressure. It is especially helpful blood pressure problems related to the atherosclerosis, increasing the respiration of tissues, it make veins larger, so blood circulation normalizes.

Gut (Stomach) Diseases : Mineral water increases the digestive system increasing the gut secretion. Making the gut acid neutral, mineral water treats the inflammatory process. It prevents nausea when it is drunk before meals and helps digestion and absorption of food in the stomach.

Obesity : Drinking mineral water helps eliminating the excessive fatting items in body, and also increasing the kidney functions, it eliminates water and salt in large quantity. Twenty one-day cure is advised to lose weight. After the three-day cure, it is ensured that losing weight healthily is possible when three glasses of mineral water are drunk before each meal.

Skin Health And Its Diseases : Mineral water is a cheap beautifying elixir. Mineral water includes magnesium and potassium that they help renewing cells when you drink or apply bath cure, which make skin beautified. It makes blood circulation faster which means that skin looks bright and healthier. It is also effective on treatment of canes and pimples. Twenty one-day cure is recommended for wounds and bruises on skin.


April 24, 2006

The source of the natural water comes from the deep of the rocks. Mineral water has been coming out through the gaps of the rocks for more than one thousand year. Tuzla Drinkings has known for ages and used as empirical and it has two main mineral sources. One of the is called Grand Drinking and is salty but less concentrated. Little Drinking has less salty that makes it drinkable more easily than the Grand Drinking.

– 1. Day: 2 lt. (16 glasses)
– 2. Day: 3 lt. (25 glasses)
– 3. Day: 2,5 lt. (21 glasses)
– On the other days 21 glasses of natural water should be drunk. Those who don’t have difficulty as drinking, digesting or discharging it can drink it as much as they would like to.

Three-day Cure : This cure is for stomach, intestine warms, kidney calculus and sand, urethra inflammation
Seven-day Cure : This cure is for gall bladder, stable intestine laziness, high or low diabetic diseases, GUD, physiological sterility, intestine parasites, (such as tape warm, taenia, etc)
Twentyone-day Cure : This cure is for blood metabolism (blood fat, etc.) liver disorder and fatting, skin deformation, bruises, asthma and allergy, nervous system, depression. Drinking Cure must be applied, at least once or twice a year, by those whose kidneys have calculus or sand that they must apply it once in three months and those who would like to keep his liver and blood metabolism regular and also diabetic, they must apply three-day cure once a month.

– Calcium : It roles in preventing osteoporosis, having strong bone, angulation, nerve transmission.
– Magnesium : It is effective in preventing muscle and nerve tiredness and also healthy heart functions.
– Sodium : It helps the balance of hydro and electrolyte, acid base and alert transmission, and also digestive system.
– Potassium : It manages the balance of the cell metabolism and water in body.
– Fluoride : It prevents dental corrosion and is necessary for strong bone and teeth.
– Bicarbonate : It supplies stomach functions in digestion. It has a role in the balance of acid-base in both stomach and blood.
– Iodine : It is necessary for the work of thyroid. Goitre is seen as it is lack.
– Sulfate : It supplies digestion, the functions of liver and gall bladder and stimulates colons.


April 24, 2006

Bath cure is applied between 37 – 39 degrees Celsius in Rheumatic diseases, muscle weakness, muscle loosening, Under the control of doctors, suitable exercises in the spa water between 30 – 35 degrees are having done to those who have Celsius calcification, those who need joint loosening, and to strengthen the muscles after an orthopedic operation.

It decreases the inflammatory periods, aches and spasms; it increases the ability of being able to movement of the arthritis, reorganize the movements of the organs and tissue, and in gynecology diseases, it regulates the tubes and other functions of the organs. It cures the functional disorders especially related to the pertinacity and also decreases the throwing out the calorie from the body.

Comprehensive balneotherapy is prescribed and supervised by specialists who are fully responsible for its successful course. After the initial check-up and diagnosis the attending doctor will compile a balneotherapy program, individually for every patient. The physician will consider the type and stage of a rheumatic disease with regard to peculiarities or complications based on the patient’s overall health condition.

Balneotherapy is based on an overall effect of a set of balneo procedures, among which are; Hyperthermic and isothermic baths in thermal water, Complete or partial mud packs, Wrappings and compresses. The complex balneotherapy contains thermal treatment, hydrotherapy, massage therapy, eleoctrotheraphy and exercise treatments.


April 24, 2006

It is prepared by mixing the mud from the source of thermal water and thermal water itself. It is applied in whole, half or extemital (arms-leg) forms with treatment purpose. It is applied once a day for 15-20 minutes under 39°C – 40°C heat. The heat may increase up to 50°C. The application duration is once in day. The static electricity and toxins are discharged with this application. The ion balance of the body is provided, the body becomes tighter, wrinkle formation is delayed. Joint and muscle aches are decreased by the heat, as the blood circulation gets faster nerve system diseases recede. Mud treatment is the best preparatory for the exercise. This method can be used for all rheumatic diseases.

Mud bath (pelotherapy), which is one of the surface temperature agents, is a subsidiary method for preparing the patients for exercises, massage and physiotherapy. Here is the mud bath applied by the world famous soil of Afyon and a hygienic technique :
– All chronic degenerative rheumatic illnesses
– Disposing the toxins out of the body by sweating
– Cellulite, bursitis and muscle pains by absorbing from the pores with anti-inflammatory effect
– Degenerative articulation sicknesses (All kinds of calcification)
– It is effective in the softening of the muscles by means of relaxing and calming and prepares for exercise. – Besides all these; static electric collected in the body is disposed and the body is relaxed.


April 24, 2006

Below mentioned treatments are applied in Physical therapy, Sports Traumatology and Rehabilitation Cure Centre with the co-operation of the University and experienced doctors, physiotherapist and other auxiliary health teams :
– All kinds of rheumatic disease,
– Joint calcification,
– Long-term or short-term joint aches,
– Various palsies of environmental nerves,
– Semi-body palsies,
– Muscle weaknesses and aches arising from various reasons,
– Various bone-joint system defects related to sports injuries,
– Menisci,
– Diseases like waist-shoulder syndrome,
– Waist-leg aches arising from various reasons,
– All kinds of diseases depending on nerve system,
– Waist and neck aches,
– Environmental facial palsy.


April 24, 2006

– Rheumatic diseases: Rheumatoid artrit (inflamed joint rheumatism), Ancilosan spondilit (a disease in which the backbone becomes motionless with time), etc.,
– Ostearthrotosus (calcification),
– Skin diseases like psoriasis,
– Soft tissue rheumatism (Fibromyology, myophaisal aches),
– Waist-leg aches, disk diseases like Siatalgy,
– Fasia-tendon diseases,
– Gall bladder, kidney and urethra diseases,
– Mechanical waist and neck aches,
– Joint hardness (hardness formed after various orthopedic operations),
– The treatment of the problems occurred in bone brakes,
– Rehabilitation after all kinds of joint diseases,
– Stomach and intestine diseases,
– Neurological diseases (nerve aches and palsies like neuralgia, paralysis),
– Muscle diseases,
– Strengthening of the organism by balancing the iron level, removing structural weaknesses
– Long-termed inflamed diseases,
– Rehabilitation of spastic, cerebral palsy and child palsy children,
– Semi-body palsies (Hemiplegies),
– Sexual functioning defects in men (impotence) and unproductivity problems,
– Stress and all problems depending on stress,
– Insomnia, nervousness, physical and emotional tiredness, forgetfulness,
– Hair loosing and breaking, nail and skin diseases, and in addition when it is drank, it relaxes the over acid in stomach, organises the movement disorders in intestines.

– Inflammatory Rheumatic Diseases (Rheumatoid Arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Psoriatic Arthritis, Collagen Tissue Diseases etc.)
– Degenerative Joint Diseases (Arthrosis, Calcinosis)
– Rheumatic Muscle and Soft Tissue Diseases (Fibromyalgia, Periarthritis, Tendinitis, Bursitis, Epicondylitis etc.)
– Bone-Metabolism Diseases (Osteoporosis, Gout, Paget’s Disease etc.)
– Orthopedic and Neurological Rehabilitation (Fractures, paralysis, MS, CP, Parkinson etc)
– Post-Polio Syndrome
– Sports problems and accidents
– Sport defects and rehabilitation
– Physiological motivation and body health exercise programs
– Geriatric Training and Rehabilitation Programs

If you suffer from the following related conditions, new treatments may not be safe. Check with doctor!
– Serious heart, liver, lung, kidney insufficiencies and diseases
– Hypertension and diabetes mellitus that are not under control
– Acute infections
– Cancers
– Serious problems circulation defects
– Rheumatic diseases in their active phase.