May 30, 2006

Armutlu – Yalova – TurkeyIHLAS ARMUTLU HOLIDAY VILLAGE SPA : Useful SPA water for human healtcare in holiday village. All of the flats have healing spa water connection at bathrooms. You will enjoy private spa in special tubes at your flats.

SPA WATER : Armutlu Spa water is chemically classified as “containing sulfates, bicarbonate, chlorine, calcium, sodium and carbon dioxide”. The mineral amount of the springs is between 2.100 – 2.421 mg. On the other hand, it is among the richest waters of the Marmara Region in terms of persistent radioactivity (1.04 milicurie/lt). Armutlu Spa water is one of the most famous healing spas in our country. According to the data obtained from Istanbul University Hydroclimatology Department, these waters are acting on the ingestion system thanks to the sulfate and bicarbonates contained.

These waters are expected to have healing effects on a number of digestive diseases of stomach due to indolence of liver, gall bladder and pancreas or irregular secretion of enzymes or lack or surplus of gastric acids. Significant benefits are expected in treatment of spastic colitis and large intestine diseases such as constipation and diarrhea occurring due to intestinal indolence.

Chlorine contained in the water makes kidney work. This water can be used especially for the treatment of circulatory disorders developing depending on the functional insufficiency of circulatory system, especially surrounding arteries. Bathroom cures can be used for their healing and protecting actions on all of rheumatoid diseases such as arthrosis, soft tissue diseases called as fibrozitis and the calm periods of inflamed joint rheumatism called as arthritis after their inflammation has ended. Therapy can be applied in form of bathroom cures subject to the advice of attending physician.

We can take benefit of cures for recovery and orientation toward normal life after the convalescence period of a number of diseases. On the other hand, ordinary people and sportsmen who have been tired bodily and mentally due to daily life and working environment despite there are no diseases may regain their energy and strength thanks to the spa cures. Bath cures may also be used in relieving rheumatism complaints developing as a result of certain traumas and joint inflammations. We can take benefit of cures for recovery and orientation toward normal life after the convalescence period of a number of diseases.

PRIMARY BENEFITS OF ARMUTLU SPA WATER : Soothing the nerves, Relieves the inflamed swellings, Revitalizes the cells, Regulates the hormonal activity, Diuretic Stops diarrhea, Strengthens the immune system, Regulates the cardiac rhythm, Regulates the hepatic functions., Relieves rheumatoid pains and aches., Facilitates the removal of acid collected in the body, Treats digestive system illnesses, Broadens the veins and lowers the blood pressure, Accelerates the healing of dermal wounds

SWIMMING POOL COMPLEX : 27 degrees Celsius sea water in the swimming pools. In holiday village to be found 4 half – Olympic size indoor and outdoor swimming pools for men / women and children, water slides, massage halls, saunas, fitness centers, cafeterias, 2 half – Olympic size indoor swimming pools with open roof, 2 half – Olympic size Outdoor swimming pools, 2 children swimming pools, 2 Water slides, 2 Saunas, 2 Massage Halls, 2 Fitness Centers, Gym, Cafeteria

SEA ACTIVITIES : Ihlas Armutlu Holiday Village is located at Bozburun (Tavşantepe) district of Armutlu township at the entrance of Gemlik Bay. The north of the land is surrounded by forest and south and west sides by the sea. Along the coastal line of 1300 meters are beaches for men and women, sea bus quay and the center for other sea activities. Beaches, Jet Ski, Banana, Sea Bikes, Boat Tour

FOREST : The north to the holiday village is the forest extending 1400 meters which makes the border. The village is surrounded by millions of evergreen and young pine trees in the north. Ihlas Holding has reforested the land between the village and natural forest area last year.

SPORTS ACTIVITIES : You can enjoy sports activities designed for any age. These sports and entertainment activities include football, basketball, volleyball, 4×4 off-road, go-cart. You can keep fit with step, aerobic and jogging activities. Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Go – Kart, 4 x 4 ATV, Bowling, Step, Billiard, Aerobic.

ENTERTAINMENT : You will enjoy yourself day and night at Armutlu Holiday Village Sometimes at internet cafe, sometimes at digital gaming hall. Sometimes you will get rid of daily troubles with phaeton trips. Evening, you will have a good time with the shows of music and animation groups. Nature Walk, Steppe, Bike to Hire, Phaeton, Horsemanship, Fun Fair, Children Animation, Internet Cafe, Music Groups

HOLIDAY VILLAGE : Armutlu Holiday Village project is located at Bozburun district of Armutlu township of Yalova province. The Holiday Village is established on a forest-covered land of 200.000 square meters by the sea. This project is the biggest and most extensive thermal holiday village in Turkey. The project includes 10 blocks and 1.348 flats, all facing the sea. All of the flats have spa water connection. The project can offer 29.656 units of time-share and has been put into service in 2004.

The project includes 4 swimming pool, including one for ladies (two semi-Olympic ones with sliding roofs, two outdoor pools), waterslides, beaches, go-cart, jet skis, banana, surf, bowling hall, internet cafe, football fields, basketball and volleyball, massage, sauna, fitness center 4×4 ATV, fun fair and phaetons. You can also enjoy yourself at shopping center, superstore, cafeterias, restaurants, fastfood and health care center. Each flat is fitted with healing hot spring water connection and thus the project is a center of attraction for the thermal tourism. At the Holiday Village, about 5.000 persons can stay throughout the year. The project includes the following primary sections: Time-share blocks, shopping center, social facilities, swimming pool complex, aquapark, sea bus quay, restaurants, reception building, fan fair and health care facilities.

SHOPPING AND ENTERTAINMENT CENTER : 13.500 m2 Shopping and Entertainment Center, Superstore, Shops (Garments, Souvenir, Bookstore, Toys etc), Hairdressers for ladies and gentlemen, Restaurant, Fast Food, Terrace Cafe, Internet Cafe, Digital Gaming Hall, Bowling, Table Tennis, Billiard, Personal Care Units, Laundry, Health care Center, Convention and Conference Halls

INFORMATION TO FLAT HIRING AND RESERVATION : All flats with forest and sea panorama and all of the flats have healing Spa Water connection at bathrooms. The flats are evacuated at 12:00 am and they are available for occupation after 14:00 pm

– 98 m2 (Suitable for 4 persons) : Two rooms, Hall, Kitchen, Bathroom, Wc, Doorway, Balcony (All flats have both forest and sea panorama)
– 70 m2 (Suitable for 4 persons) : One Room, Hall, Kitchen, Bathroom, Wc, Doorway, Balcony (All flats have both forest and sea panorama)
– 50 m2 (Suitable for 3 persons) : Two Rooms, Kitchen, Bathroom (All rooms with sea view.)

Ihlas Armutlu Holiday Village / Armutlu – Yalova – Turkey

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May 30, 2006

Balçova – Izmir – Turkey

AGAMEMNON THERMAL SPA AND WELLNESS CENTER : Our health club which offers our guests sports, individual care and resting facilities are getting ready with high-tech equipments. Professional health advisors and our team consisting of experts come together to give you advices on revitalization, resting and keeping fit.

UNITS AND SERVICES : Hydrotherapy, Sauna, Affusion, Turkish Bath, Hot Stone Therapy, Skin Care, Bath Therapy, Massage, Thermal Pool, Fitness Center, Thala Pack, Indoor Swimming Pool, Soft Pack, Outdoor Swimming Pool, Solarium, Aromatherapy

Presidential Suite : A comfort to appeal to kings…In our Presidential Suite, there are spacious bedroom, walking closet, 3 plasma TV, home theater sound system, working-living-resting-reception rooms and a room to dine.
Senior Suites : There are no limits to comfort! Our Senior Suites consist of front rooms, a bedroom, a living room, a dining room and bathroom. DVD player, snack bar and kitchenette are included within the standards of Senior Suites.
Junior Suites : Sometimes "more" is the normal one. Like we have in our Junior Suites! Each Junior Suite in our hotel consists of a front room and a bedroom. In these suites there are bigger jacuzzi and fruit bar.
Club Rooms : For our guests who are looking for the comfort of their homes, having hectic working hours. Our Club rooms are decorated with goose down pillows and duvets, CD player, working desks with a computer jack, individual lights and sockets, espresso bars and jacuzzi for our guests.
Standard Rooms : Crowne Plaza Izmir offers spacious and well-designed accommodation. All the guest rooms provide a warm, residential ambiance, elegantly furnished in soft soothing natural hues. All rooms feature interactive and satellite tv, data port, internet access, computer and fax connections, voice mail system, individually controlled air condition, mini bar, electronic safe box, coffee/tea set, iron/ironing board, trouser press, bath, hairdryer, bathrobe, goose down pillows and duvets.

Manzara Restaurant : Our guests can taste specialities of Turkish and International cuisines and fresh sea food as they witness breathtaking view of the city. Open daily between 12.00 – 23.00 hours.
Brasserie Restaurant : Brasserie Restaurant provides a large variety of international open buffet for breakfast and dinner. Open daily 06.30 – 10.00 hours, on weekends between 06.30 – 11.00 hours for breakfast, between 19.30 -22.00 hours for dinner.
Punta Restaurant : Our Restaurant serves meeting or private groups between 12.00 – 15.00 and 19.00 – 23.00 hours.

Lomboz Bar : Presenting the international snack menus accompanied with live music, The Lomboz Bar waits its guests for a good time on the twentieth floor between 6 pm and 2 am.
La Scala And Fuaye Bar : La Scala And Foyer Bar, which presents the examples of international patiserrie, primarily from Australian, French, Belgian and Italian Cuisines and the examples of the Turkish Cuisine, serves between 3 pm and 11 pm by its 30 seats capacity. Settled on the Ballroom Floor, La Scala And Foyer Bar is an elegant space with a pure atmosphere which will help our guests to slip out of the stress And weariness of the day.
Le Jardin And Lobby Bar : The delicate examples of the desserts and sweets culture of the Australian, French, Belgian, Italian and Turkish Cuisines are presented in Le Jardin And Lobby Bar, between 7 am and 12 pm with its 80 seats capacity; it is the place where our guests can spend their tea time pleasantly, listening to a smooth and lovely live music.

CLUB LOUNGE : The lounge offers comfortable seating area and a beautiful panoramic view of the Izmir Bay. Club Lounge is prepared for our guests with its special menu and perfect service comprehension. There will be such an approach to satisfy our sensitive and perfectionist guests.

BALL ROOMS : Invitations, cocktails, special occasions and meetings… There is no need to force your power of imagination anymore just because you wish to have special days remembered as nice memories. Our Ballrooms and several unique organizations that will be hosting you with your loved ones in order to offer you moments of pleasure, are waiting for you. One one hand, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the fascinating view of the Aegean Sea, while on the other hand, you will be experiencing delicious tastes as well as an outstanding service.

The Ballroom which is located on the Banquet floor, can be divided into three sections being A, B and C. Therefore, it has the capacity of managing different organizations that are happening at the same time. Both the meeting rooms and the ballrooms have boasts including most necessary accessories to ensure effective meetings, social events and special gatherings. Indeed, our Ballrooms are prepared are prepared to be the owner of productive meetings and unforgettable nights.

MEETING ROOMS : Working with Crowne Plaza is more pleasant… The meeting rooms we provide in the Hotel are organized in the sense that the guests' vital needs and desires such as comfort, are satisfied primarily. These rooms can be used for various arrangements which include reception, banquet, theater and classroom. Moreover, they are equipped with high-tech products such as CD player, MD player, tape recorder, tv, mobile lighting system, sound system, overhead projector, video system, PC and laser printer, technical support and simultaneous translation system depending on the guest's requirements.

BUSINESS CENTER : The most important value of the business world that can't be bought: Time! We regard this service of ours as a service which enables our guests to go ahead with their business connections, use any kind of office equipments and get support in the competition they involved against time. This special area is planned to offer services such as computers, laser printers, fax, photocopy, express mail, internet terminal, scanner, courier parcel and postal service, book binding, audio-visual equipment renting… Under the structure of Privileged atmosphere granting business center.

CROWNE PLAZA : The most well known chain of hotels Inter Continental Hotels Group owns 3.270 hotels that is run by itself along with the many hotels that is franchised to other managements. Serving in more than 100 countries, our company welcomes over 160 million guests every year with its 512 thousand rooms capacity. Adding a new link to its chain every proceeding day, the group employs over 92.000 people in the countries it operates. The newest link of the chain, Crowne Plaza Izmir, targets to be the number one in the business in Izmir with its 240 members staff.

Crowne Plaza Izmir Hotel / Balçova – Izmir – Turkey

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May 30, 2006

Balçova – Izmir – Turkey

THERMAL TREATMENT CENTER : This very Historic Spa has a wonderful setting. The climate is perfect. Turkish hospitality is unequaled. And now we've installed the best Health Sector architecture, facilities and equipment too.

– Inflammatory Rheumatic Diseases (Rheumatoid Arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Psoriatic Arthritis, Collagen Tissue Diseases etc.)
– Degenerative Joint Diseases (Arthrosis, Calcinosis)
– Rheumatic Muscle and Soft Tissue Diseases (Fibromyalgie, Periarthritis, Tendinitis, Bursitis, Epicondylitis etc.)
– Bone-Metabolism Diseases (Osteoporosis, Gout, Parget's Disease etc.)
– Orthopedic and Neurological Rehabilitation (Fractures, paralysis, MS, CP, Parkinson etc)
– Post-Polio Syndrome
– Sports problems and accidents
– Sport defects and rehabilitation
– Physiological motivation and body health exercise programs
– Geriatric Training and Rehabilitation Programs

WARNING : If you suffer from the following related conditions, new treatments may not be safe. Check with us!
– Serious heart, liver, lung, kidney insufficiencies and diseases
– Hypertension and diabetes mellitus that are not under control
– Acute infections
– Cancers
– Serious problems circulation defects
– Rheumatic diseases in their active phase.


Diagnosis : 10 Examination Rooms, Laboratory (Hemogram (18 Parameter), Sedimentation, ASO, CRP, RF, Complete Urine analysis, Blood glucose, Biochemical analysis ( Urea, Creatinine, SGOT,SGPT, AP, Cholesterol, Trigliserid etc.), X-ray, Emergency and EKG Room, Meeting Hall, Library, Computer and Archive room, 24 Hour Ambulance service

Balneotherapy : This type of treatment is consisting of a session treatment having a proved effect on the organism where the biologic environment effectiveness integrated with the underground thermomineral water, gas, mineral water and the mud involving the organic elements as the natural energy source, the climate conditions specific to the district and the meteorological concerns. 56 Cell Bath (Whole and partial sitting thermal baths specially designed by the purpose of thermotheraphy). 3 swimming pool at different sizes, 3 Thermal Jacuzzi at different sizes,

Hydrotherapy : This type of treatment requires to use the water in the form of solid, liquid or gas conditions as the treatment tool to be applied as interior and outer effect to the body : Exercise pool, Jacuzzi, Underwater Massage, Whirlpool, Jet-bath, Vichy bath, Mani-Jet, Pedi-Jet, Contrast Bath

Electrotherapy : It is used to control the treatment and the aches by applying the electrical current on any disease or defect : Low frequency current (Diadynami), Middle frequency current (Interference), High frequency current (Short-wave), Galvanic- Farady Current (4-Cell), TENS, Ultrasound, Fluidotherapy

Kinezitherapy : These activities are the complete exercise programs (physiotherapy) to be used for the treatment of the physical defects arising under various diseases. 2 Exercise halls, 3 Exercise pools, 3 Specific Exercise – Rehabilitation Hall

Massage : This treatment method is used to have an effect on the skin through the systematical manipulations and to have the contribution to the treatment of the mentioned diseases. Local massage rooms towards the treatment.

Occupational Therapy : This method aims to provide the people with the treatment through any physical or psychological occupation. Ergotheraphy Hall, Hobby Room (Drawing, Ceramic, wood-glass painting, fabric printing, embroidery, glass decoration etc.)

Dental Clinic : Sun Dental Clinic is included within the body of Balçova Thermal Hotel Physiotherapy Center. Our clinic offers you the treatment with the best under the strict hygienic requirements with the central air conditioning system, advance technology products and calming decoration. We have been providing thousands of our guests with the service from many European countries particularly from Norway, Denmark and Germany for more than 10 years. Our expert staff shall also have a great pleasure to serve you in respect of the dental health.

Beauty and Aesthetics Centre : We render a variety of services to our clients at our SPA and Wellness Centre Thermal Hotel through our professional team trained as specialists in their field. Combining healthy diagnosis, perfect service and constant follow-up principles with the capabilities of high technology, our centre is now sharing its experience of a quarter century with the guests of Crea Club. Come here and enjoy sharing this privilege with us.
Skin Care : At our unisex serving centre, you can easily eliminate the results of agents such as air pollution, sunshine and cigarette smoke which are affecting your skin negatively. Get know the moss-mud and special dermatological cosmetic products with moisturizing, skin tightening, and treating properties and impart spring freshness to your skin.
Lose Weight : Thank to the capabilities presented by the modern technology like special cure massages, jet shower, LPG and Presser, now it is very easy to get rid of cellulite and excessive weights. The only thing required to have a charming body is to save some time for yourself.
Massage : Let your inner energy flow have a healthy balance and renew your soul body with far eastern relax, point, touch, hot stone, reflexo and ayurveda massages which are applied with special aroma therapeutic oils.
Manicure, Pedicure, Epilating : Everything you need for hand and foot care and beauty is presented to you by tailor-made solutions. Nail decoration and implant nail choices besides Hand + foot care, manicure, pedicure and epilating will make you feel different and free.
Spa : SPA, the healthy living and permanent beauty trend of the 21st century, enables the body to get rid of dead cells, toxin removal, regulation of circulation, getting natural minerals like magnesium, sulfide, calcium and potassium. Get know the Crystal Bath, Vichy and Affusion Shower and discover the miracle of SPA.
Aesthetics : Enjoy the fun of challenging time with capillary treatment, botox and Resitiling (filling) methods as well as mark and trace removing applications conducted in our centre under the supervision of specialist doctors. In addition, get have a silky soft and smooth skin with needle – epilating – laser epilating

HEALTH TEAM : 11 Doctors, 20 Physiotherapists, 15 Nurses, 13 Masseurs and Masseuses, 1 Laboratory Technician, 1 X-Ray Technician

Medical Examination : Examination by Physical Treatment and Rehabilitation Specialist
Paraffin bath One joint- one session
Balneotherapy : Basins with mineral containing thermal water
Kinezitherapy : Individual Exercises in the pool
Electrotherapy : 1 device/1 session : Treatment with currents and ultrasound
Physiotherapy package : Gymnastics, exercises together with a physiotherapist
Actinotherapy : Treatment with IR, UV and light
Hydrotherapy : Underwater massage or Whirlpool
Local manual massage : Local massage by hand
General manual massage : General massage by hand

Full Package Physical Treatment : Full Package physical treatment includes 5 treatments after the doctor examination. Electrotherapy, Paraffin, Massage, Hydrotherapy, Physiotherapy
Mini Package : Mini Package includes 3 treatments : Paraffin Massage, Hydrotherapy, Thermal pool

HOTEL : Balçova Spa Hotel, with it's Integrated Thermal Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre, is unsurpassed in Europe. We meet all International Standards with our qualified personnel, standards of hygiene and medical architecture. And its all in an exquisite setting with a perfect climate. 204 standard rooms with a capacity of 408 beds, 4 Luxury Suites, 24 specially equipped rooms for handicapped people.
Room Facilities : Hot spring water, Hair-dryer, Split level air-conditioner, Telephone, Television, Radio, Minibar, Safe, SOS and fire alarm system, Radiator. We have anti-static rooms for allergenic and asthmatic persons. Specially furnished rooms for patients with severe rheumatism and other handicaps

Balçova Thermal Hotel Spa / Balçova – Izmir – Turkey

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May 30, 2006

Kangal – Sivas – Turkey

PSORIASIS HEALING CENTER : Kangal springs, famous and unique in the world. The springs were generally used as a resort place and are at the disposal of patients suffering from this disease. Kangal Fish Springs is of a particular place amongst the other thermal baths found with in our country. This thermal, unique in the world is famous for curing the disease world psoriasis. The fish springs known by their ability to cure psoriasis which can not be treated medically up to now.

The springs were firstly noticed by people from neighboring villages in the early 1800s. The springs were a kind of reed-bed until 1917. By change a shepherd who was wounded on his foot sees his wound healed by the water of the spring. this fact gets the attention of the public and primitive pools were built. Later on, around 1950's very simple buildings were constructed. In 1960's very springs were taken over by the local administration of Sivas and several lodging facilities were built. Kangal springs, famous and unique in the world, were used as summer resort place by the local people.

CURES : Those having treatment in the thermal baths for the first time will be surprised when they notice that the brown , grey and beige coloured fish surround them and begin to clear up the spots on the skin. For patients to be fully accustomed in takes 2-3 days. The fish actually nibble on the area of skin affected and might cause little pain at first, but then this feeling subsides.

For the best results it is recommended that patients spend a total of 8 hours a day in these pools. It is also necessary to drink plenty of thermal spring water on an empty stomach (daily 1,5 lt). This type of treatment has no side effects and medication should not be taken during treatment.

THERMAL SPRING WATER : This thermal water does not only help in the treatment of psoriasis, but also most types of skin diseases. Thermal water is 36-37°C and is equal to the human body temperature. It is clear and odourless, leaving no sediment. The water, with a pH of about 7.2 is isothermal and maintains a temperature of about 35°C throughout the year. It has features which make it drinkable. The presence of selenium (1.3ppm) has been emphasized for its biological and therapeutic aspects.

It is rich in such ions as calcium, magnesium, selenium and is suitable for the bath. It provides conclusive result in the cure of rheumatism, nervous disorders, dislocations, fracture, calcification in some situations and kidney diseases, especially in ulcer provided the patients should drink a few glasses of water on an empty stomach and do have a bath.

The thermal is in a green valley in a rural area. There are two outdoor pools and one indoor pool where women and men enter separately, with a capacity of serving for 1500 persons in a day.

This clears away the scales, causes minor bleeding, and exposes the lesion to water and sunlight. This may also cause drainage of pus in patients with abscesses. The high level of selenium in the water, an element the topical application of which is beneficial in some diseases, is reported to be the most important factor for wound healing. Selenium is a co – factor for glutathion peroxidase, an enzyme protecting cells against the effects of free radicals.

This may also explain the beneficial effects of water taken by drinking or by lavage in gastrointestinal and gynecological disorders. Observers, other than those from Turkey, reported that bathers were enthusiastic about the doctor fish and none expressed disappointment.

DOCTOR FISHES : The miraculous way of treatment by the fish which are in the thermal waters 36-37°C increases its fame, since this thermal is the last sort of hope for skin diseases which up-to-date science of medicine can not cure today. Skin diseases such as acne, eczema and psoriasis are cured by Cyprinion macrostomus (fish) 2-10 cm in length and by Garra rufa.

Two types of fish are involved. Both are members of the Cyprinidae family and are adapted to living in a hot milieu. The so-called striker is Cyprinion macrostomus macrostomus. It has a terminal mouth and a length of 15 to 20 cm. It is covered with relatively large scales, and has six to eight irregularly arranged lateral spots of various sizes.

The second fish, known locally as a licker, is Garra rufa obtusa. It has a crescent-shaped ventral mouth and a maximum length of 19 cm. Its body is also converted with large scales. The so-called jabbers are not a third type of fish but the immature from of the strikers, which lose their lateral spots during maturation.

Both fish are omnivorous, a well-known feature of Cyprinidae, and feed on phytoplankton and zooplankton. But only small amounts of plankton have been found in the pools. This is said to retard the growth and development of the fish, making them aggressive and predatory.

In winter when the pools are uncrowded the fish look for food like a flock of hungry sheep. In summer, they assault the human bodies in the pools. They prefer to attack diseased rather then healthy skin simply because it is easier to nibble at it. The effects of these feeding habits and the high temperature of the water on the internal biochemistry of the fish has also been investigated. The role the doctor fish can play in therapeutic medicine deserves proper study.

TREATMENT : The water has been reported as being beneficial in rheumatic disease, neurologic disorders (neuralgia, neuritis, paralysis), orthopedic and traumatological sequela (fractures, joint trauma, and muscle disease), gynecological problems (by lavage), skin diseases, urolithiasis (by drinking), and psychosomatic disorders (a report from the Clinic and Institute of Physical Therapy and Hydrology, Faculty of Medicine Ankara University).

But psoriasis is the disease which has made the spring so popular as a therapeutic aid. The fish strike and lick the Psoriatic plaque – or plaques of other skin diseases – which have been softened by the water. Wide interest in the doctor fish encourages people with neurological and rheumatic diseases to visit the hot spring to immerse themselves in its pools. A school of fish surround the body and strike and lick it.

The initial pleasant sensation and relaxation of  micro-massage   is replaced by a tingling sensation over the skin. This massage is given particularly by the younger fish, which need many more nutrients for their rapid growth. It may be that, in addition to the benefits of hydrotherapy from the hot spring, there is a psychological component to this massage which generates a feeling of wellbeing in patients with neurologic and rheumatic diseases, and with traumatic diseases, and with traumatic sequela.

The faith of desperate patients in these sacred fish, and the experience of being in a different environment may also contribute to this feeling of wellbeing. Not only the ill, but also the healthy, visit the spring to consult the doctor fish. People with healthy skin probably benefit by the fish clearing away hyperkeratinized portions of their skin.

– Drink at least 3 glasses of healing water before breakfast.
– Enter in the pool after breakfast.
– Therapy starts through healing water rich in minerals and healing fishes.
– The healing fish, unique in the world, live at a water temperature of 37°C (scientifically no fish can live in water with temperature exceeding 28°C). There are 2 different types of this fish.
– Along with the healing water containing the element selenium (known to be most effective in curing dermatological diseases) the healing fish start the healing process.
– Enter the pool twice a day, staying in the water for eight hours in total.
– No alcohol should be taken during the therapy.
– No medicine against psoriasis should be taken during the cure.
– The therapy must continue for 21 days; a stay of 8 hours per day in the pool must be observed.
– Psoriasis affected patients observing these rules leave the spring with total healing.
Note: The concentration of selenium, the most friendly element for the skin, is 1 gr per liter.

LOCATION : There are flights from Istanbul and Ankara to Sivas. There is special service for guests coming with tour from Sivas airport to spring. 13 km from Kangal, 96 km from Sivas and 450 km from Ankara. Road and train connections are possible to this thermal. You may find a bus running every hour everyday. Transportation between Kangal and the thermal is provided through busses and mini busses.
The Sivas – Malatya railway, 5 km away from the thermal, is preferred, it is necessary to get off at Kangal station which is within the village, Karanl1 k

ACCOMMODATION : The ownership of this thermal belongs to a private Governing Body of Sivas and is hired out to specific persons through adjudication. The springs contain hotel facilities in 4 buildings. It is present 137 rooms (134 normal, 3 suit). The springs have 300 bed in 2 motels and one hotel. A suitable area for 50 tents for camping tourism.

There are 16 special bath. In winter there is a tube way between bath and hotel. The springs contain 5 pools one being in half Olympic size. All seasons open. During summer, live music and amusement are present. There is a tv room, a restaurant (200 person), a market (food, vegetable, fruit, newspaper, cigarette, drink), a coffee shop and a playground for children.

Thermal Fish Springs / Kangal – Sivas – Turkey

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May 30, 2006

Pamukkale – Denizli – TurkeyTHERMAL WATER
Having a 57°C temperature in the spring during all the seasons of the year, this water is a unique health source containing lots of minerals according to Egean University Department of Hydroclimatology report. Thermal water is available in 16 suit, 2 king suits and 60 rooms, in all suits there are thermal jacuzis and there is steam bath in king suits. Our guests staying in these rooms can have their thermal cure in their rooms as well as hotel's thermal pools.

Benefits Of The Pam Hotel Thermal Red Water Spring : Various skin diseases, Rheumatismal diseases, After taking out the plaster of fractures, for eliminating muscle spasms, Woman diseases, Gout diseases, Neuralgia, Artroz, Colitis, For arranging circulation

The Period Of Therapy : 10-15 days, having 2 baths for 10-20 minutes per day. (according to the doctor's advise)

Shock Therapy : Shock Therapy can be done with hot-cold-hot bath.

Mud bath is good for opening skin pores, with its antiseptic characteristics, you will get rid of the pimples and your skin will be soft. The therapy will be more effective as the result of rubbing the mud over the skin.

Your Home In White Paradise ! And Pam Thermal Hotel, located just 4 km away from this beauty, offers you a holiday full of health and comfort of home! We are inviting you to the comfort of Pam Thermal Hotel. You will be more energic with the food of our restaurants serving all the tastes of Turkish and world cousine. In anytime of the year, you can have this health by using either inner pool or outer pool. You can have mud bath in our thermal pools and benefit from this health source water containing lots of minerals.

In all 236 rooms including 16 suits, 2 king suits, and 8 family rooms. There is Central heating and cooling system, Music broadcasting, Direct Phone, Minibar – Tv, Shower Cabinet, Hair dryer, Balcony

Thermal Pools [open ( in changing temperatures 26 – 58 c) and closed], Swimming Pool, Turkish bath, Sauna, Thermal Jacuzzi, 2 Restaurant (600 – 100 person), 3 Meeting Rooms (200 – 80 -30 person capacity), 3 Bar, Disco, Game room, Tv room, Minimarket

Pam Thermal Hotel / Pamukkale – Denizli – Turkey

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May 30, 2006

Tuzla – Istanbul – Turkey

Water, our lives' source, is the most valuable natural wealth. The important thing is to appreciate this wealth, not to waste it, take advantage of it as much as possible. The first thing to do with this is to know the water and to know how to use it and its effects on health. In the Tuzla Spas, the only spa in Istanbul, we are taking this wealth under protection for you, our estimable visitors and changing it into such a form that it will be more profitable. We formed the aim of telling you what we have done and make more people aware of the mineral water, which is very healthy for to our works.

Balneo Therapy : It is called "Spa Water" when there is mineral salt more than 1000 mg in a litre. In Tuzla Spas, there is 3300 mg mineral salt in a litre. The spas all over the world are hot or cold and they get the temperature of 17 – 39 degrees Celsius by heating or cooling. This operation makes no difference on the mineral value or usefulness of the spa water. Tuzla Spas are in the classification of both for drinking and spa sources.

Bath cure is applied between 37 – 39 degrees Celsius in Rheumatic diseases, muscle weakness, muscle loosening, Under the control of doctors, suitable exercises in the spa water between 30 – 35 degrees are having done to those who have Celsius calcification, those who need joint loosening, and to strengthen the muscles after an orthopedic operation.

Chronic Inflammatory Rheumatoid Arthritis, Degenerated Arthritis, Rehabilitation after an Orthopedic Operation, Gynecologic Inflammatory and Functional Diseases, Muscle and Mild Tissue Rheumatism, Obesity.

Its Mechanism : It decreases the inflammatory periods, aches and spasms; it increases the ability of being able to movement of the arthritis, reorganize the movements of the organs and tissue, and in gynecologic diseases, it regulates the tubes and other functions of the organs. It cures the functional disorders especially related to the pertinacity and also decreases the throwing out the calorie from the body.

DRINKING CURE : The source of the natural water comes from the deep of the rocks. Mineral water has been coming out through the gaps of the rocks for more than one thousand year. Tuzla Drinkings has known for ages and used as empirical and it has two main mineral sources. One of the is called Grand Drinking and is salty but less concentrated. Little Drinking has less salty that makes it drinkable more easily than the Grand Drinking.

GRAND DRINKING MINERAL WATER : Natural mineral water is classified in the highly concentrated salty waters according to its chemical classification. It is used as a drinking cure, bathing cure, inhalation cure and also as a spray. Drinking it with adding carbon dioxide makes it an easy drink and effects in the same way.

SMALL DRINKING MINERAL WATER : Natural mineral water is classified in the lowly concentrated salty waters according to its chemical classification. It is used as a drinking cure, bathing cure, inhalation cure and also as a spray. Drinking it with adding carbon dioxide makes it an easy drink and effects in the same way.

1. Day: 2 lt. (16 glasses)
2. Day: 3 lt. (25 glasses)
3. Day: 2,5 lt. (21 glasses)
On the other days 21 glasses of natural water should be drunk. Those who don't have difficulty as drinking, digesting or discharging it can drink it as much as they would like to.
Three-day Cure : This cure is for stomach, intestine warms, kidney calculus and sand, urethra inflammation
Seven-day Cure : This cure is for gall bladder, stable intestine laziness, high or low diabetic diseases, GUD, phsyological sterility, intestine parasites, (such as tapewarm, taenia, etc)
Twentyone-day Cure : This cure is for blood metabolism (blood fat, etc.) liver disorder and fatting, skin deformation, bruises, asthma and allergy, nervous system, depression. Drinking Cure must be applied, at least once or twice a year, by those whose kidneys have calculus or sand that they must apply it once in three months and those who would like to keep his liver and blood metabolism regular and also diabetic, they must apply three-day cure once a month.

Calcium : It roles in preventing osteoporose, having strong bone, cangulation, nerve transmission.
Magnesium : It is effective in preventing muscle and nerve tiredness and also healthy heart functions.
Sodium : It helps the balance of hydro and electrolyte, acid base and alert transmission, and also digestive system.
Potassium : It manages the balance of the cell metabolism and water in body.
Fluoride : It prevents dental corrosion and is necessary for strong bone and teeth.
Bicarbonate : It supplies stomach functions in digestion. It has a role in the balance of acid-base in both stomach and blood.
Iodine : It is necessary for the work of thyroid. Goiter is seen as it is lack.
Sulfate : It supplies digestion, the functions of liver and gall bladder and stimulates colons.

-It decreases the blood fatting
– It makes diabetes lower in blood
– It treats the stomach and intestine's chronic inflammation, It cures the parts with ulcer and post complaints, It treats the disorder of the digestive system related to the diseases of pancreas, gall bladder and liver.
– It helps constipation and Obesity
– It works well for gall bladder and kidney calculus.

Its mechanism : It helps stomach, pancreas, gall bladder, liver and the secretion of digestion, keeps the stomach acid neutral, keeps lower of the inflammatory process in the digestion system, increases the movements of stomach, intestine and gall bladder, the circulation of the cardiovascular system, gall bladder and kidney, and decreases the absorption of the items occurred from the excessive Calsium.

Intestine Laziness : Seven-day cure quickens the metabolism, treats the gall bladder laziness increases the secretion which cures the intestine laziness permanently. Two glasses of mineral water in the morning and before bedtime relaxes the nerve system and the whole metabolism. Those who do their work by sitting which causes constipation should drink mineral water day and night instead of other kinds of water that is easy and healthy collusion/treatment.
Kidneys : The most known property of our mineral water for centuries is that it helps taking out the kidney stone (calculus). The mineral such as Magnesium, Calsium and sulfate melts the calculus in the kidney and excretion ways and prevent the occurrence calculus. It also takes out the inflammation in the excretion ways. It helps regulating the kidney functions. For this, three-day cure is advised.
Chronic Lumbago And Herniated Disk : Using mineral water in the bath tubes and pools, lowering the ache-part, pressure which causes ache becomes less and the small of the back movement becomes more functional with the pool exercises.
Healthy Bone Development Of Children : Mineral water effects positively on the intensive bone mineral including magnesium and also calcium (221 mg/lt) and makes it much stronger.
Liver And Gall Bladder Diseases : Mineral water helps gall bladder laziness, the treatment of indigestions after the gall bladder operations, but it is not advised to go to a spa when people have cirrhosis and infectious hepatitis that it increases the bleeding. Mineral water is very useful to decrease cholesterol, lipid. Seven-day cure, at least, is recommended for continuous intestine laziness and gall bladder. Twenty one-day cure is advised for liver disorder and fatting and blood metabolism.
Rheumatism : Bath cure supports rheumatism and especially after the high temperature period. Joint aches lower, temperature and pulse rate normalizes, lassitude and lack of appetite end. Mineral water helps rheumatism arthritis particularly. Besides, it is useful to decrease the joint problems caused with operations. Fifteen or twenty one-day cures are advised according to the type of rheumatism.
Diabetes : Mineral Water of Tuzla Drinkings regulates pancreas, helps taking out the toxin and parasites which halt the function of pancreas, supports the insulin of pancreas and other functions. Mineral waters decreases the diabetes and accelerates the diabetes into the tissues. It lowers the speed of receiving diabetes by heart from liver, so it compensates the diabetes of body. Twenty one-day cure is advised.
Cardiovascular Diseases : It is explained in all encyclopedia that magnesium has positive effects on cardiovascular system. There is a lot of magnesium in our mineral water and dissolution and elimination of blood fat and also dissolving the clot have been taken from scientific sources. Hot mineral water normalizes the blood pressure. It is especially helpful blood pressure problems related to the atherosclerosis, increasing the respiration of tissues, it make veins larger, so blood circulation normalizes.
Gut (Stomach) Diseases : Mineral water increases the digestive system increasing the gut secretion. Making the gut acid neutral, mineral water treats the inflammatory process. It prevents nausea when it is drunk before meals and helps digestion and absorption of food in the stomach.
Obesity : Drinking mineral water helps eliminating the excessive fatting items in body, and also increasing the kidney functions, it eliminates water and salt in large quantity. Twenty one-day cure is advised to lose weight. After the three-day cure, it is ensured that losing weight healthily is possible when three glasses of mineral water are drunk before each meal.
Skin Health And Its Diseases : Mineral water is a cheap beautifying elixir. Mineral water includes magnesium and potassium that they help renewing cells when you drink or apply bath cure, which make skin beautified. It makes blood circulation faster which means that skin looks bright and healthier. It is also effective on treatment of acnes and pimples. Twenty one-day cure is recommended for wounds and bruises on skin.

CHECK-UP USING ELECTRO-POTENTIAL GRAPHIC DEVICE ( Epg ) : Checking-up with EPG, we diagnose 44 main biological points measuring Electro potential parts in human body and transferring them into the computer and comparing the values of the minerals and their desired levels in a healthy human body in graphics and present them on the screen of computer. Check-up will show functional positions of the organs and the asset or future problems of them as a pre-diagnosis.

The EPG and Check-up, done with a specialist, indicate the whole potential power and balance of the body and liver, stomach, intestine, heart, vein system, nervous system, gall bladder, kidney. This system helps you have a chance to diagnose them and take measures, in advance, for those illnesses mentioned above before they are active.

In the Tuzla Health and Tourism complex with the check-up system, done in six-month periods, it is possible to lead your life more healthy treating debility of the organs before they become ill seriously. Diagnosis in advance makes the diseases treated much more easily with less harm on your organs and body.

OPEN AND CLOSED SPA POOLS : There are three pools – one in Grand Hotel (Büyük Hotel) and two separated pools for ladies and gentlemen in Grand İçme (Büyük İçme). Resting cabins and everything you might need have been prepared for our guests. Not only accommodating guests also the guests who come daily can make use of the pools in our complex. There are also bath tubs with hydro-massage in the pool of the Grand Hotel.
OPEN POOL : Our open pool is in your service as long as you would like to use hoping you enjoy your weekends, day offs and other holidays with your family or friends and also, you will be away from the urban problems, stresses and noise. You can enjoy the sunshine peacefully in or around the only pool in Istanbul with its mineral water.

MASSAGE : Massage in the Tuzla Spa Complex is available and is done by the professional masseurs. When massage is applied after the spa, it supports the spa treatment and help them feel more fitting and relaxed.

ACUPUNCTURE : Acupuncture is the oldest alternative treating method which have been used for about 2500 years. It was first done in China and took part in the Western medicine about forty years ago. There are energy diagrams in human body and it must be regular and nonstop for human health. Acupuncture cures the disorder parts in this energy diagram and this helps the systems in human body work regularly. Acupuncture, which is made of thin metal pins, is applied on the energy points, called "chi". It is done by the specialist doctors in Tuzla Spas and used to cure various diseases to help the main treatment.

– Respiratory System : Acute Sinusitis, Flu, Bronchitis Asthma, Acute Tonsil
– Inflammation Optical Diseases : Myopia in Children, Myopia with no Complication
– Mouth Diseases : Dental Diseases, Gum Inflammation, Acute and Chronic Pharyngitis
– Neuralgia Diseases Muscle and Skeleton Systems Diseases : Headache and Migraine, Functional Disorder of Neuralgia Bladder, Muscle – Aches in the ribs, Paralysis, Lumbago, Joint Inflammation, Sciatica
– Digestion System Diseases : Gastritis, Ulcers, Colitis, Constipation, Diarrhea

LOCATION : The Thermal Complex, Tuzla is 400 meters far from the south side of E-5 Highway and 17 kilometers far from Sabiha Gцkзen Airport. Please call us and get information about your medical problem and make a reservation.

SPA COMPLEX : Tuzla Spas of Health and Tourism Complex, which is a modern and historical foundation covered with pine trees, is located on a land of nearly 70 acres. The complex of Tuzla Spas of Health and Tourism provides such services as mansion, computerized check-up, Cure Centre, acupuncture, Drinking Cure, Medical Massage, Herbal teas, some restaurants including dieting one.

The Tuzla Içmeler Mineral Spring Water has remained as a remedy for people and as a treatment for many diseases since 1300s. The benefit of healing water was ratified with the experiments conducted by Medical Ecology and Hydroclimatology Department in Зapa Medical School. In the complex, the doctors who specialized in the related areas at various medical universities are employed and the treatments and consultations of visitors are made under the control of those doctors.

The main aim of the complex is to keep our visitors out of the urban stress and enable you to rest and enjoy yourselves having various activities. The Tuzla Thermal Complex is in the service with its playgrounds, TV and game halls (both inside and outside), pools, restaurants historical hotels or small houses, doctors, physiotherapists, male and female masseurs for men and women respectively and with its other staff. Visitors will rest, relax, enjoy and get healthier with their families in comfort.

HOTEL : The complex has 85 beds and 45 rooms. In rooms there is a TV, a telephone, a bathroom, a central heating, a small pub and internet facilities. There are also rooms with bathtub in them. In every room, there is a system of healing water. There are Jacuzzis in the rooms and you can make use of them either daily or as in accommodations.

IÇMELER HERBALIST SHOP : With hundreds of kinds of curative herbs, perfume & Stress, panic-strickening, feeling exhausted are the parts starts of diseases. Under the consultancy of our doctors, we advise you to help your problems, diseases and answer your questions about curative herbs and diseases. You can also drink the teas have been blended many kinds of curative herbs.

Tuzla Spas Health and Tourism Complex / Tuzla – Istanbul – Turkey

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May 30, 2006

Dalyan – Muğla – Turkey

Natural Sulphurous thermal water is used both in the swimming pool section which is situated within the 25,000 s.q.m. area of Thermemaris Hotel that has a water glider and also for mud baths along with other similar services. The sulphurous thermal water has a PH value of 6.2, and is close to the optimum value in terms of acids and alkalis. Selenium that has a rate of 0.002 reinforces the immunity system, is efficient in preventing and enhances your resistance against skin diseases. Composition of O2 with all minerals is of recuperative attitude in all tissues and mends the cartilage and bone structures.

Magnesium : Repairs the skin’s cellular structure and controls the connection between the cells.
Calcium : Forms the nail, tooth and bone structure in the body and soothes the skin. Provides exchange of minerals on the skin and prevents the skin to become scurfy.
Sodium : Adjusts the water content of the cells, gives energy to the skin and provides exchange between cells.
Potassium : Balances the Water content of the body and provides comfort to the skin.
Bromide : Provides nutrition of the skin and helps better functioning of the muscles and nerves.
Iodine : Salt is an important substance for the body. It provides enactment of the spitting glands. The sulphury and ceratine in the body both give color to the skin and balances the moisture as well.

Apart from its richness in terms of iron, manganese and nickel, our Sulphurous Mud that contains a salt rate of 27% is used in the treatment of diseases such as fungus, acne and psoriasis. Since the mud used in our hotel for the purpose of beauty is one of the most preferred kind for mud bath methods, it’s called “Beauty Mud”. It works as a catalyzer in the dissolution of subcutaneous tissue and has an aesthetician effect.

2 hours Fish Pool, 1 hour moss bath, 20 minutes shower, 20 minutes balneo, 20 minutes sunbath.

Hotel Thermemaris always shows its best efforts to consider the requirements of its guests. In order to keep up your physical fitness and maintain your body form, you can join various sport activities at the Wellness Center in our hotel. The Wellness Center, with its modern building structure and specialized staff is one of the most important features of the Thermemaris Hotel that can turn your holiday into a unique experience. You will not only have the opportunity to participate in various sports at this center, but can also drop by at the solarium center to obtain a smooth and pure skin.

The mud bath at our hotel is not the only factor that contributes to your beauty. The Beauty Center offers services to its guests with its professional staff… After the results of the consultations applied by the beauty experts and doctors are finalized, you can also make use of the following services offered by our beauty center: Deep cleansing of the skin and skin care, Eye care, Hand- feet care, Rubbing of the skin with a bath glove in a Turkish Bath, Massage by using Balneo and other skin cream extracts, Body peeling, Manicure and pedicure You may also enjoy our complete body massage service to relax your whole body and turn your vacation time into a delightful experience.

Is situated in an area covering 25,000 sqm along the coast where natural water resources are found and where Nile Turtles live. With its Villas, Aparts, Suits and Normal Rooms comprising of… units in total, and its thermal facilities, it also offers its guests all the comfort they need. There are a total of 4 restaurants at Thermemaris of which 2 are open and 5 bars located throughout various sections of the hotel. In addition, there are also 8 open swimming pools of various types and temperature and services such as mud baths and thallassectomi are also available for your health and beauty.

You may find in our Hotel, 1 Sultan Suite, 8 Junior Suite, 6 Aparts, 58 Standard Rooms, 2 Rooms For the Handicapped, 5 Villa Rooms, 5 Villas. Rooms on the third floor of our hotel have large balconies and it is possible to bathe on the balconies as well as in the bathrooms with thermal water.

Thermemaris Hotel / Dalyan – Mugla – Turkey

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