June 15, 2006

Pamukkale – Denizli – TurkeyTHERMAL THERAPY CENTERThe Hotel has operation licences for Thermal Spa and Physical Therapy Laboratory issued by the Ministry of Health and the ISO certificate which has been issued in recognition of the quality system it has set up.

Spring Origin : Karahayıt Spring (Red Water) Magnesium, Calcium sulphate, Hydrogen carbonate. This thermal water can also be called "bitter-salty-spring".

Thermomineral Water Therapy : Thermal therapy consist of natural parts such as mineral water, mud, and climate appropriateness. The water we use have 2831 mg/lt minerals and is classified as water with calcium-sulfate.

Bath Therapy : A bath in our thermal water invigorates the patient's body and stimulates a number of positive reactions and regulatory processes. Indications (The cases it is effective) :
– Locomotor system diseases,
– Chronic rheumatism-related diseases (romatoit artrit, ankilozanspondilit, gut artrit, osteoartrit,
– Degenerative joint diseases (osteoartrit, spondiloz, osteoporoz),
– Vertebrae-related problems (lobber, servikal, diskopati, spondiloz, low-back pain),
– Rheumatism-related syndromes except joints (muscle pains (miyalgy), waist pains (lumbalgy), periartritis, fibromyalgy, polymiyalgy),
– Obesity, Celluloid,
– Cardiovascular system diseases,
– Late myokard infarction (6 months later),
– Common complaints of our era such as stress, anxiety, spontaneous headaches, loss of appetite,
– Neurologic and orthopedic-related rehabilitative cases,
– Skin diseases like allergic eczema. Mostly is good for the degenerative changes of the locomotion apparatus and rheumatism; provide a buffered medium as adjuvant for some skin diseases (dermatopathies).
– Mud, Fango Therapy: It contains organic particles by the amount of 127,5 gr/lt. This mud which we transport from Afyon-Sandıklı contains carbon monoxide and a high level of radiation. Thanks to this, it is effective for muscle pains, rheumatism-related diseases, skin diseases, and obesity. It increases the rate of blood flow on the surface and therefore is a pain remover, sedative, and muscle relaxer.

Indications: Degenerative rheumatism-related diseases and Celluloid, bursit, miyalgy. Our mud has peloid character and is used in the following cases; Chronic rheumatism-related diseases and osteoartosis, Soft tissue disorders (fibromyalgie, nevrit), Orthopedic and Neurologic sequels.

The treatment available in Spa Hotel Colossae Thermal is useful not only for elimination of pathologies affecting the joint, but also as a prevention of pain complaints, slowing down the progress of disease and fortifying the organism to combat the stress of daily life. The therapy helps also to lose excess weight, to detoxify, tonify and revitalize the skin of the face and body.

A mud therapy cycle can last from 1 to 3 weeks, with a total of 6 to 18 applications of mud packs, except the cases where interruptions are recommended by the doctor to make the treatment more easily bearable. Mud therapy sessions are held in a special room where the guest goes wearing only a bathrobe. Mud is applied on the skin gradually, at the temperature of 40-45°C, avoiding the front of the chest, the head and external genital area.

The diseases that are not suitable for this treatment : The acute period of all diseases, Feverish and infectious diseases, Infected diseases of the internal organs (jaundice, pneumany, nevrit), Advanced heart, lung, kidney and liver deficiencies that have not been put under control, Active tumour presence, Patients who have been diagnosed for cancer, Active ulcer, People with skin diseases that have contagious infections.

Drink Therapy : Good for hyperacidity of the gastrointestinal tract; act as simple purgative, adjuvant for fluoride deficient nutrition. This is effective for the hyper acidity as a purgative. This treatment is used for Hyperacidity, Bile disorder, Metabolic cases (gut, osteoporoz).


Balneotherapy : Comprehensive balneotherapy is prescribed and supervised by specialists who are fully responsible for its successful course. After the initial check-up and diagnosis the attending doctor will compile a balneotherapy program, individually for every patient. The physician will consider the type and stage of a rheumatic disease with regard to peculiarities or complications based on the patient's overall health condition. Balneotherapy is based on an overall effect of a set of balneo procedures, among which are; Hyperthermic and isothermic baths in thermal water, Complete or partial mud packs, Wrappings and compresses. The complex balneotherapy contains thermal treatment, hydrotherapy, massage therapy, eleoctrotheraphy and exercise treatments.

Hydrotherapy : Thermomineral Bath, Herbal Bath (The herbs contain the iodine that is very beneficial to the body. This regulates the blood flow in the body and increases the metabolism. It is effective for a wide range of rheumatism-related diseases, neuralgia and neuritis. Thanks to its sedative effect, relaxes the person and provides positive protection against stress. This also helps for the making of a live, healthy and smooth skin.), Kneipp Hydrotherapy (It is applied on the legs and regulates the flow.), Underwater Massage (Regulates the general and local body flow. This is effective on rheumatism-related diseases, flow disorders and on stress and celluloid therapies.).

Electrotherapy : Diadinamy, TENS, Interfarancial-Faradik-Galvanic waves, Infrared, Baker, Ultrasound

Massage Treatment : Classic Massage, Anti stress Massage, Aroma Massage, Sport Massage

Exercise Treatment : Individual, Group (pool or garden)

Treatment Programs for Rheumatism-related Diseases : So many diseases such as Osteoartrit, romatoit artrit, ankilozan spondilit can be treated. The body is revitalized and is freed from pains. Check by a Doctor, Physio-therapeutic assessment, The program is decided upon. The components of a seven-day program are Doctor Check, Exercise, Electrotherapy, MT, Kneipp Hydrotherapy, Message 20 min., Turkish Bath-Rubbing, UWM, Sauna, FRM. The baths in our Thermal Pool increases the stamina of the patient, as well as has many positive and regulatory effects on the patient.

Slimming : Overweight (obesity) represents a serious health and social problem. Apart from its negative influence on the overall state of human health, overweight also deteriorates life quality. This disease causes degenerative changes of individual joints and the spine. The patient's ability to move degrades which again appears in increasing of the body weight.

To break this vicious circle it is necessary to apply a radical and long-term adjustment of one's way of life, particularly an appropriate diet and increased physical activity. To assist our patients to overcome the initial problems present with the various home-made cures and "guaranteed diets" we have prepared an obesity treatment program. A three-week of stay in our Spa Health Center represents an ideal opportunity to use this time for a treatment and getting rid of the excessive weight.

Physiotherapy : A vital part of comprehensive balneotherapy is the rehabilitation or physio-therapy. It is carried out individually in physiotherapy room or in the thermal pool in the form of group exercises. The exercises are done under the guidance and supervision of a professional rehabilitation staff. The purpose of them is to restore the patient's locomotor functions to their original condition or at least improve them as much as possible. A number of various electro therapeutic procedures are applied at the Spa Hotel Colossae Thermal.

Ultrasound, will ease painful tension in striated muscles and improve blood flow in the tissues and organs. Better tissue congestion, absorption of waste substances, and easing of muscle tension are also achieved by the application of interference currents. Diadynamic soothes the nervous system and improves the blood flow in the affected parts of the body. It can also shift a pain threshold further and ease off the muscle tension. In diseases requiring heat, especially in bone, joint, and muscle and tendon afflictions, diathermy is widely applied. In justified cases balneo-therapeutic and hydro-therapeutic procedures are effectively completed by the traction treatment. The purpose of traction is to ease contracted muscles or stiff ligaments with a simultaneous relaxation of nervous structures.

Anti-stress : With our Antistress Program we will help you to get a better quality of life. We offer you: Autogene Training, Scent Therapy, Shakra Balance (Shiatzu), Meditation, Brain Light (Color Therapy). After you have finished our Anti-stress Program your spirit and soul will come back to Harmony and your body will fill up with new Vitality and Stamina. The Collife (anti-stress and relaxation) programs applied by experienced specialists, normal and underwater massage, mud therapy, herbal bath, sauna, Turkish Bath, tennis, squash, volleyball courts, mini football field make Spa Hotel Colossae Thermal a perfect venue for resting, health and revitality.

The therapies, sessions, and activities offered to our guests for their participation in Collife programs are as follows : Classic massage, Turkish Bath, Reflex massage, Thermal Pool, Abdominal massage, Morning Exercise, Underwater massage, Water exercises, Kneipp hydrotherapy, Jogging, Herbal Bath, Trekking, Mud Bath, Swimming, Skin care, Tennis, Sauna, Volleyball, Jaccuzi, Table tennis.

The Face : Vivifying intensive care against aging for all skin types, Special care for dry and sensitive skin types, Special care for oily and problematic skin types.

The Body : Thinner and silhouette shaping care, Intensive and refreshing, Relaxing care.

The Make-up : Natural and sophisticated, harmonized colours with crimson – coral red – pink, goes every hour of the day. The sun means life. It's essential for your health and a natural source with incomparable advantages. But at the same time, it is mainly responsible for premature aging. Thus, the intensive care expert, Clarins, developed a serial of bronze tanning aiming the best bronze like effect by beautifying the skin. You could choose the best radiating, the safest and the most durable sun-tan products, compromising the skin with the sun and the taste with logic, nearby the swimming-pool.

Clarins Body Care : A nicer, fresher and thinner body? It is always possible. Trust Clarins. Clarins, the skin-care leader in Europe, promises these products with the thinning and extensive massages in the institute over 40 years of experience.

The 85 sqm fitness center has FIT 1 Station, Digital Running Track, Automated Cross, Trainer, 2 Electric Step System, and 2 Bicycles. Fitness Center is open between 09:00-12:00 and 15:00-21:00 hrs. through the weekdays and between 09:00 and 21:00 hrs. through the weekend.

Other facilities that may be utilized for sports activities include table tennis, billiard room, tennis, volleyball, basketball and squash courts, a 60 by 40 m grass football field, swimming pools and walking tracks in the garden.

HOTEL : Spa Hotel Colossae Thermal is the only hotel to be rated a "Five-Star" in Denizli. There are 207 standard rooms, 21 suit rooms and 3 rooms specially designed for the physically handicapped, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, 6 restaurants, 5 bars, night club, discotheque, Spa Health Center, Thermal Pool and Fitness Center, Mud Pools with thermal water and beauty and skin care centers at the Hotel. The other conveniences the Hotel offers include 2 outdoor thermal pools with different characteristics, 4 meeting rooms, 2 lobbies, billiard, games and TV rooms and a child play field.

Spa Hotel Colossae Thermal / Pamukkale – Denizli – Turkey

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