A visit to Turkey would not be complete without a stop at one of the country’s better known spas, whether to treat a health problem or simply to luxuriate in the soothing waters of natural mineral baths. A stop at one of the spas described here can easily be added to a tour of Turkey’s most famous destinations. The health-giving properties of Turkey’s natural hot springs have been renowned since antiquity.

Though every country has its own culture and traditions, the spa lifestyle is a custom that everyone can relate with. Turkey spas specialize in integrating native spa techniques that have been applied through the ages. Soon you’ll discover that Turkey spas offer an incredible number of spa treatments that suit just about everyone. Take a lesson from the ancients and treat yourself to a natural health cure during your visit to Turkey. The natural health cure known for ages.

Turkey is one of the 7 countries in the world in terms of thermal source richness with almost 1300 thermal springs throughout Anatolia. Of course the existence of seismic faults make the country very rich in this aspect. The temperature of these hot springs varies between 20-110 degrees Celsius ( 68-230 Fahrenheit ), and their flow is between 2 – 500 liters per second. Turkey is using only a small percentage of the country’s potential in terms of mineral springs, but today the Ministry of Tourism and private investors are contributing more to Turkey’s map of spa tourism.

Turkey spas are grouped into categories that allow spa-goers to choose the type of spa treatments that best suit their personal interests and needs. Turkey vacation spas combine a wide variety of recreational activities with a renewing spa experience. Similar to vacation spas are the Turkey stay spas, where people spend an extended period of time to fully immerse themselves in several spa treatments.

Turkey medical spas are for those who are interested in health care in a spa setting, either at a day spa or at a spa with overnight accommodations. Turkey medical spas offer traditional and complementary medical services supervised or administered by medical professionals.

Of course, most popular are Turkey day spas. These spas are designed to provide a beautifying, relaxing, or pampering experience with individual treatments that last for as little as an hour or multiple treatments that may take up to a whole day.

What better way to fully savor Turkey than to indulge in its unique appreciation of spas? From Turkey day spas to stay spas, and all others in between, Turkey has the spa experience you’re looking for.

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